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Teen and Tweens Program

For those entering grades 6 & up

 HungerGames_Updated_CC July 31st 10 &11 am

The Hunger Game
(Basic Survival Course)

Calling all tributes! Welcome to the 74th Annual Hunger Games! The time has come to say goodbye to loved ones and journey to the capitol to begin your training.

*Learn to create life-saving shelter anywhere**Discover how to locate and purify water**Learn to build a quick fire that can be lit using only one match**Practice Katniss’s famous twitch-up snare**Learn four edible/medicinal wild plants**Try your hand at Peeta’s camouflage techniques**Learn archery basics and one or more participants get to shoot a replica of Katniss’s bow from the arena**

The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire
(Advanced Techniques and Primitive Skills Course)

You have survived the arena, but the odds are never in your favor! Now you have been selected for the lethal Quarter Quell. Pitted against a deadly pool of other victors, this Hunger Games will not be like the last!

*Learn the construction of grass mats**Discover how to extract purified water from trees**Learn the art of primitive fire-making**Receive step by step instruction on fabricating water proof bowls**Practice advanced snaring techniques**Observe the construction and use of Finnick’s trident spear**Experience the primitive archery of District 12 as one or more participants get the chance to shoot a wooden bow!**

Embracing the skills and techniques contained in this advanced training course will ensure that you not only survive, but thrive. You will become the Mockingjay.

Summer Reading Information

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09 Adult Flask

Adult Summer Reading Ends August 10th!!

The Adult Summer Reading Program ends August 10th. Remember to hand in all your slips to receive raffle tickets for prizes for local businesses.

Stop by the library to see the wide variety of prizes.

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Comissioner Gist and Summer Reading

Experiment with Reading! Posted by: Commissioner Deborah A. Gist on 6/30/2014 As we enter the beautiful summer months, students and families alike are looking forward to having some fun. Fortunately, there are a number of fun and educational opportunities available to them through the Summer Reading Program! Each year, the Office of Library and Information […]

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Forgotten Tales of Rhode Island– WWII Aviation Series

Thursday, August 14–Starts: 6:30 pm How could a perfectly sound U.S. Army fighter plane simply vanish from formation while on a training flight over northern Rhode Island during World War II? Why is a WWII pilot who was officially declared missing still strapped in his aircraft’s cockpit at the bottom of Narragansett Bay? How did […]

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North Scituate Middle School Summer Reading

Accelerated Reader In order to help students maintain their reading skills, Scituate Middle School is continuing with its Accelerated Reader Program. The system offers over 100,000 titles from which to choose. Students can log on to to search for available titles. When searching for titles on this site, disregard the ATOS level, and focus […]

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