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About Us

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Mission Statement

The mission of the North Scituate Public Library is to act as a focal point in the community providing informational, educational, recreational, and cultural services and materials to all age groups.

Service Policy

Our highest priority is the provision of competent and enthusiastic library service to the public.  We develop a staff who value the work itself as well as the public they serve and who willingly take on the responsibilities associated with public service work.

Although our primary clientele are Scituate residents, through the automated network, all OSL card holders have access to our materials.

We encourage the use of the library by particular groups of people who may not otherwise take full advantage of its services, such as elderly and teens.

We promote community awareness of the library through programming, fundraising, and public relations.

North Scituate Public Library Association

One of the nicest things about the library is that everyone is welcome.  We check out thousands of books, movies, and music each year to more than 32,000 people.  Every year, we host a variety of programs that are open to all.

Join Us.

Although we receive some funding from the town, the library relies on private donations and member support.  It’s easy to become a member—and fun, too.  As a member, you’re invited to special events, our annual meeting, and previews for book sales.  We are also planning game nights and other new programs for members.

The North Scituate Public Library Association was originally formed in 1906 by a group of citizens interested in providing a community library. Over the years the Association has guided the growth of the Library through the active participation of its members.  The citizens of Scituate are proud of their long tradition of community support for the library.

Join the library (or renew your membership!) here.