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Hey there – I haven’t updated this blog with writing in a little bit. Did you know that working with the public during a global health crisis is really exhausting? I am honestly so inspired by the people at the front desk every day. They’re always impressive, but right now moreso.

Anyway – why am I writing? Because we have a podcast! I am the main creator and producer, and Alyce in the children’s department submits some great content for it as well. It’s probably one of the most fun things I’m doing for work right now. Please give it a listen – I would love to talk to people about books, cooking, or hear your theories on the gossip section. The cat is out of the bag that the gossip is a work of fiction – I am very curious to see if anyone will comment letting me know they’ve caught on to my game and know what classic novel I am adapting…

You can listen and subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or using the podcatcher of your choice and this RSS feed.

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