Mission & History

The mission of the North Scituate Public Library is to act as a focal point in the community providing informational, educational, recreational, and cultural services and materials to all age groups.

Incorporated 1906

The North Scituate Public Library Association was established on September 6, 1906, and with popular support, the library grew very quickly. It was held in a small yellow house on main street, and at the first Annual Meeting it had 110 members and 2800 volumes.

Building changes

The land where the library currently sits, at the corner of Greenville Road and Silk Lane, was donated by Mrs. Henry W. Rice. The new building was dedicated in February, 1925. This location gave the library the room it needed to grow. It was renovated in 1984 and again in 2011, to become the building we all know and love.

The library today
  • Print Books
  • Physical audio & video
  • Other physical items
  • Ebooks
  • E-audio
  • E-video

Our patrons borrow hundreds of items every week. For FY2019, our total circulation was 50,066 items. A chart breaking down circulation in books, DVDs, and other items is available to the left.

For more information on the library and the people who work here, visit the director’s page, the staff page, or get in touch!