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Board of Trustees

What is a Library Board of Trustees?

A library board of trustees is a group of citizens responsible for the governing of a public library. Board members are the vital link between the library and its community. Trustees serve as library advocates and leaders in developing responsible and creative service to all members of the public.

Public library trustees are volunteers who serve their community. Trustees may be reimbursed, however, for any reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of library business.

Rhode Island public library boards are governing boards and carry full responsibility for the library and its policies. For example, the board selects, appoints, and regularly evaluates the performance of the library director. The director serves as chief administrator and is fully responsible for library policy administration, personnel selection and management, development and administration of programs and services, and selection of materials. Sound administrative standards dictate that the library director acts in accordance with established library board policy and that the library board does not engage in direct management. (RI Public Library Trustees Handbook)


North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees   2013-2014

President: Tara Anderson

Secretary: Mary Fogell

Treasure: Marilyn Napier

Jeff Amylon

Jeff Laurie

Carol Levitt

Laura McGuire

Vincent Patrone

Peter Waterman


Library By-Laws