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Circulation Policy

Ocean State Library Cards: An OSL card is available to Rhode Island residents free of charge. Proof of identity and current address is required.  Patrons under eighteen must have their registration forms signed by a parent or legal guardian in the presence of a staff person. A lost OSL card will be replaced for a fee of $1.00.  Old, worn out cards are replaced free of charge. Patrons are responsible for all items checked out on their card. Information about patron registration and borrowing habits are protected under Rhode Island law and all information will remain confidential. All print and nonprint materials are freely available without restriction to all library patrons.



New MUSIC CDs, Seasonal Music CDs, MAGAZINES, & REALIA (cake pans, fishing poles, etc):  1 week.

OTHER DVDs:  1 week.  Limited to 3 DVDs per card.

NOTE:  All items except for realia may be reserved and sent through the interlibrary loan system.  However, the library may refuse to allow holds on particular items or send certain items through the inter-library delivery, at the discretion of the director.

NOTE: While we do not limit the number of books or magazines which may be borrowed, please be considerate of other patrons. We do reserve the right to limit in periods of high demand.

RENEWALS AND RESERVATIONS (HOLDS): All items (except for realia) may be renewed once unless they are on reserve for another patron.  Holds may be placed on all items except realia.

OVERDUE FINES: Realia, DVDS, and music CDs are subject to the following fine: $1.00 per day.  Maximum over due fines: $10.00 per item.  While the library charges no fines on its own books, it must follow the fine policy of the lending library for materials borrowed through the OSL system.

NOTE: It is OSL policy that any card holder with fines of $5.00 and over will have their borrowing privileges suspended until such fine is brought under $5.00.

BOOK DROP: All items, except realia and audiovisual materials may be returned in the Book Drop when the library is closed.  All audiovisual materials may be returned in the Audiovisual Drop.  Realia must be returned inside the library.   Please do not use the book or audiovisual drops when the library is open.  Items returned in the book or audiovisual drops when the library is open are not checked in until the following day.

LOST OR DAMAGED ITEMS: Any library items that have been lost or damaged will be charged to the borrower at the replacement cost. Please do not attempt to repair damaged books or videos – we have special materials and ways of dealing with things – thanks!  Replacement copies are not accepted.

LIBRARY CLOSINGS: Sometimes during inclement weather the library closes for the safety of our patrons and staff.   No fines accrue when the library is closed due to bad weather.

RI State Law:  § 11-41-14  Failure to return book or other library property. – (a) Any person who shall take or borrow any book or other library property from any of the libraries or collections as defined in § 11-44-15(b), and who, upon neglect to return it within the time required and specified in the bylaws, rules, or regulations of the library owning the property, after receiving notice in writing by the librarian or other proper custodian of the property that it is overdue, shall upon further neglect to return it within sixty (60) days from the date of the notice be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not more than twenty-five dollars ($25.00), the fine to be for the use of the library. A written or printed notice given personally or sent by mail to a last known or registered place of residence shall be considered a sufficient notice. In addition, if the book should be lost, destroyed, or not returned, the person shall within sixty (60) days after being so notified pay to the custodian the replacement value of the book, including all reasonable processing costs, as determined by the governing board having jurisdiction.

(b) All library users shall be notified of the penalties provided in subsection (a) of this section at the time they obtain or renew their library privileges. The final notice provided for in subsection (a) of this section shall also contain notice of the penalties.