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Computer and Internet Use Agreement

    North Scituate Public Library is pleased to offer Internet access to the public.  We adhere to the American Library Association’s stance regarding access to electronic information, services and networks:  “Electronic information, services, and networks provided directly or indirectly by the library should be equally, readily and equitably accessible to all library users…Some information accessed electronically may not meet a library’s selection or collection development policy.  It is, therefore, left to each user to determine what is appropriate.  Parents and legal guardians who are concerned about their children’s use of electronic resources should provide guidance to their own children…Libraries and librarians should provide access to information presenting all points of view.  The provision of access does not imply sponsorship or endorsement.” (Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks:  an Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights, 1996).

    1.  The user shall make no changes in the setup or configuration of system hardware or software.  The user will not attempt to modify or gain access to system files, passwords, or data.

    2.  The user will not seek unauthorized access to any computer system or network.

    3.  Personal software may not be used on the library computers.  If you believe a particular program would be useful, please make a recommendation to library staff.

    4.  Most library computers are available to users in half-hour blocks of time, which allow unlimited half hour time renewals unless there is a waiting list for the computers.

    5.  Internet Express computers are limited to 10 minutes per person, and may not be reserved.

    6.  Computers designated as Library Catalogs are to be used for no other purpose, and may not be reserved.

    7.  Computers located in the reference area are to be used for office functions or research only.

    8.  No more than two people at a time shall be at each computer.

    9.  Users may print materials at a cost to the user to be posted in the library.

    10.  Users may download information off of the Internet or save work onto portable storage devices.

    11.  Misuse or abuse of computer or Internet access may result in the loss of a patron’s computer use privileges at the Library and/or the imposition of damage charges if applicable.

    12.  Library patrons owing $5.00 or more in fines and fees will not be allowed access to library computers.

    ____________I  Agree

    Approved by the Board of Trustees, October 7, 1997, revision approved June 9, 2009 .