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Materials Selection Policy

    Purpose and Scope of the Collection

    The purpose of a public library in a democratic society is to encourage freedom of thought through open access to information and ideas.  The library serves a diverse community and it must include materials that represent as broad a range of viewpoints as is possible.  With this in mind, the library will acquire books, periodicals, audio visual materials, and computer software for the intellectual enlightenment, cultural development, and recreation of our users.

    Selection Criteria:

    The librarian has sole responsibility for collection development.  Materials selection will be based on standard library reviewing sources such as Booklist, Library Journal, and  other professional publications.  Our basic tendency is always toward inclusion rather than exclusion; items will not be rejected for racial, political, religious, or moral reasons.  Patron requests will also guide our selections.  Also, gifts to the library  of books and videotapes will be considered for inclusion in the collection based on their condition, popularity, and relevance.

    Intellectual Freedom

    Since public libraries do not promote or endorse any particular set of beliefs, viewpoints, or lifestyles, the North Scituate Public Library has adopted the standards as set forth in the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement as proposed by the American Library Association (see attached).  All library materials will be made available for individuals to freely examine in order to make their own decisions.

    Complaints About Inclusion/Exclusion

    Occasionally an individual or group may object to materials in the collection.  The procedure for handling such a complaint is outlined in the Intellectual Freedom Handbook (published by the Rhode Island Library Association) which suggests that the complainant be asked to fill out a form detailing his/her objection (see attached).  A similar procedure will be followed for a complaint about the exclusion of materials.

    Request for Reconsideration of Library Material