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Fanfiction Writing Contest

What is Fanfiction?

Fanfiction is one way that a lot of fans engage with their favorite books, television shows, movies, and more. The writers take popular fictional characters and settings and create their own stories to build off of ones that exist. Sometimes this is done to “fix” what happened in the original story (for example, if the writer didn’t like the finale of a show), to expand on something they loved (such as exploring more details of a relationship), or just for fun (such as mashing up characters from different universes).


  • One entry is allowed per contestant, and you will be matched up against your peers (i.e. children will not be judged against adults).
  • The story can be written in any fandom you like, or mashup multiple universes!
  • Maximum length: 5,000 words. (No minimum.)
  • Your name/identifying info should not be on the story
  • Fill out the form below, attach this page to your story, and hand it in at the reference desk. This will allow it to be judged blind.
  • Any questions can be directed to Katherine in Reference or Alyce in Youth Services


One winner from each category (adults, teens, or kids) will receive a small prize and have their story published on our website and linked in this very e-newsletter.

Your deadline is August 3, 2019! Get an entry form by clicking this link!


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