Books Leaving the Library

I just got back from vacation! Hello! I didn’t go anywhere, but taking some time at home is always really nice for me.

Before I left, and now that I’m back, I’m spending a lot of time working with the nonfiction collection. It is kind of out of control in here, because my job is to take care of patrons. Lately, though, there aren’t as many of you coming in for my help, so I have time. This is what I’ve been working on:

tidied shelves

Oh, very exciting, very exciting, a picture of bookshelves. What you don’t see is just how OVERPACKED those shelves were before, and now there are gaps at the end of every shelf. Except one. Imagine me squinting at it suspiciously. (Where did those books come from?) I’ve removed 78 old, outdated, dirty, gross books from these 2 bays of shelves, and ordered about a dozen replacements. I’m making my way through the entire reference collection like this.

What this means: our collection is getting healthier! Also, there will be a lot of nonfiction books available for free on our purple cart for a while. Some of them aren’t worth anyone’s time, but some of them may speak to you. Come take a look!

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