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Fraud Watch

Wednesday, April 26 @ 1:30pm

Every year, thousands of Americans are impacted by fraud and scams – but this class will provide you with tips and resources to protect yourself. Please call to register.

Adult Craft Night: Paper Flowers

Wednesday, April 26 @ 6pm

Join us and learn to make curled paper flowers. Please call or visit our site for more information, or visit the reference desk to view a sample. Registration is necessary!

Archive Open House: Images from Before the Flood

Thursday, April 27 at 6:30 pm

Alyce will be presenting images from our local history archive from before the reservoir was built.

Intro to Microsoft Word

Tuesday, May 2 @ 6pm

Learn how to use Microsoft Word to create letters, flyers, and reports. This class will go over the basics and then Katherine will answer any questions you may have. Please call to register – 4 spots are available.

Children’s Craft with the Gentian Garden Club

Wednesday, May 3 at 4pm

Join the Gentian Garden Club’s Junior Program at the library! This month, we are creating an arrangement in a tea cup. Call the library at 401-647-5133 to sign up.

Cloth Diapers

Thursday, May 4 at 6:15 pm

Learn how cloth diapers can be better for babies, budgets and the environment in a relaxed, hands-on workshop.  Presented by Squigglybugs Education Programs.

Mother’s Day Craft

Monday, May 8 at 4 pm

Come do a Mother’s Day Craft with Miss Brenda. Ages 6 and up.

To register, call 647-5133.

My Life as a Lighthouse Keeper

Wednesday, May 10 at 6:00

Come to the North Scituate Library on May 10th, 2017 at 6:00pm for a PowerPoint presentation and telling of the tales of “My life as a lighthouse keeper 1958” by Frederick Mikkelsen

Keeping the Light

Stories of my lighthouse keeping days at Conimicut Light Station

“Acetylene Lighted Bell Buoy Story”

Providence River Approach Lighted Bell Buoy Number 1A sat just the other side of the channel from Conimicut Light Station and southwest of the old Nayatt Point lighthouse on the Barrington side of the bay. It was one of several aids we routinely monitored and reported on in our daily logs with the entry that stated, “Checked main light and all aids”.

One somewhat grey and snotty Saturday morning, we found it was extinguished and reported it to USCG Depot at Bristol as malfunctioning. They were not too happy to be made aware as it was a weekend, staff was short and the weather was getting worse. We had a set of non-sparking bronze tools that were required when working with the highly volatile acetylene gas illumination system and the depot crew thought we should go out and re-light the lamp ourselves.

The Officer in charge, my boss Joe Bakken, was not of a mind to do so and I had never had any Aids to Navigation instruction, so we declined. Bristol managed to raised a crew and reluctantly came up in the old 40 ft. buoy boat and relit the buoy swinging by our pier long enough to harass us a bit as being “chickens”.

The buoy “watched”(functioned properly)  through the afternoon but shortly after darkness fell a check showed it was extinguished again and we noted the fact in our log and, at our 1900 radio check, notified Bristol.

The following dawn showed the reason for the buoy’s darkened lantern as it had apparently malfunctioned again and, this time, it had exploded! There was no sign of it at all and the heavy iron structure of the upper frame of the buoy had been bent and twisted by the force of the blast. Joe and I were very glad we had not made any attempt at repairs on Lighted Bell Buoy 1A!

North Scituate Farmers Market

The North Scituate Farmers Market is starting again for the 2016 season. The opening day of the market is May 13 from 9am-12pm. This early in the season, our vendors have spring annuals and perennials and fresh leafy greens. Other vendors will have handmade jellies and jams and handcrafted items. Come to the market and support your local farms and crafters. The library will also be there, hosting a small book sale cart each week. This month, we are hosting Kids Day on May 28th. Stop in for some special guests!

Craft Night: Quilled Greeting Cards

Thursday, May 11 at 6:30 pm

Come and make a greeting card and learn some basic quilling techniques – see the sample at the right. This is an all ages craft!