Mobile Printing Available Now!

We are introducing Princh, a new cloud-based printing solution. Princh allows our patrons to print using their own mobile devices or laptops. Finally, if you need to print something from your phone, you no longer have to sign on to one of our computers to try and access it!

To print from your Android or Apple device just download the free Princh app from your app store.

To print from your laptop visit

The prices are the same as our usual print prices – $0.10/page for black and white, $0.25/page for color) but you can pay directly from your device if you like. You can use your credit or debit card, or mobile payment options like PayPal. Otherwise, select

For more information on how to print, we have more information on our tech help page. You can also check the guide posters in the copying area, and as always feel free to ask our staff for help!

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