Numbers everywhere

Today I’ve been working on my piece of the annual report we make to OLIS. I kind of feel like I’m drowning in numbers. I need to report

  • the number of reference questions that come to me at the desk, over the phone, and by email, text, and live chat.
  • the number of programs I run for the year
  • the number of people who attend those programs
  • data about video views
  • data on how much people are using this website

The past few months have been so complicated, and so many things have changed, it wasn’t exactly a simple prospect. It was also a little strange to see how the numbers themselves changed during the pandemic. For example, my colleague Greg and I answered 92 reference questions in January… and less than 20 in April. However, it actually feels like I’m accomplishing something important, today, which is hard to come by at the moment.

Now that I’ve finished that (for now) and done some advertising stuff, I’m going to work on a project to market phase 3 of reopening… 👀

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