Sunday is Talk Like a Pirate Day!

close-up photography of boat on calm water

Arr, me hearties! This Sunday the 19th of September be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Be ye prepared??

We’ve told ye all about Mango, one of the great tools available at Well one of the things all ye landlubbers can learn there is how to talk just like a genuine pirate. Ye can be learnin’ everything from your Five A’s (Avast, Ahoy, Aye, Aye aye, and Arr) to the difference between a swashbuckler and a scallywag.

So halt yer carousin’ and get yeself onto Mango right smartly! Ye’ll find yer sea legs and all that mango will probably belay the scurvy as well.

a moody image of a pirate ship and skeletal pirate in the water at night

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