What’s going on inside the library??

Right now the library building is mostly closed, but the staff is in there working. I know you want to ask – what are we doing in there!? Well, here is a snapshot of what the library is like right now.

The circulation department includes all the people who you’re speaking with when you call to schedule a curbside pickup or make an appointment to come browse our new titles. They are working all the time to get you items as quickly as possible while following a lot of new policies and procedures that (1) are very important for the community’s health (2) make the work very difficult.

The main thing that’s different in circulation is the need for masks and social distancing. Normally when you come into the library, all three of our checkout stations are at the front desk, and 2-3 people are working at it. We had to change that, because there just isn’t enough space. Right now, one station is at the front desk, and two are in the meeting room. No more sharing stations is allowed, we have one person per computer and they disinfect everything at the end of the day.

In youth services, Miss Alyce is working her butt off to do story times and other programs for kids online, and set up outdoor program options like the Story Walk® collaboration with Hope Library. Figuring out what sort of programs to offer online is a moving target; kids, and especially teens, are over-saturated with needing to be online right now. She’s focusing on physical activities that can be taken home and done offline, including a weekly Take & Make craft.

Her coolest and most fun project in the building is designing our current displays! She and Laurel made all sorts of fantasy creatures that are visible through the windows – there’s a dragon, a unicorn, and more. Make sure you check it out if you’re in the area!

In the reference department, I’m still largely working from home! I only come in a couple days a week because most of my job can be done from any computer, as long as I can get into my email and have all my passwords. I keep on top of our social media, answer questions via text and email, and plan virtual programs.

The major task I’m doing right now that requires me to be in the building is collection development. To de-jargon that, it means I’m going through all the books in the non-fiction room, getting rid of outdated ones (most of them are ending up in the “free books” bins we have outside!), and researching replacements. When the public is allowed back in, things are going to be a lot nicer in the reference room.

That’s it for this week!


P.S. I am currently reading: Care Work by Leah Piepzna-Samarasinha, and I very highly recommend it.

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