The North Scituate Public Library permits the distribution and posting of free, printed materials by nonprofit and community groups, educational institutions, and government agencies as display and bulletin board space allows. The Library provides this space to meet the community’s recreational, cultural, civic and educational needs. Commercial and political materials are prohibited.

Such information may be in the form of brochures, flyers, posters, and similar items.  The Library does not endorse the content of materials written or posted by any group, agency or organization.

Space is limited; therefore, Library postings take precedence over other materials. Materials from Scituate organizations take precedence over materials from organizations located in other communities. At this time, the Library does not have adequate space to provide a bulletin board for community members to freely post notices, business information, advertising, etc. Materials for posting must be approved by the Director or designee prior to display.

Any materials deemed outdated, irrelevant, inappropriate or abundant may be removed and disposed of at the sole discretion of the Library. Likewise, if space does not permit the display or distribution of any materials, the Library may choose to dispose of said materials.


Approved by the North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees Dec. 14, 1999, rev. June 9, 2009, rev. July 11, 2023

The North Scituate Public Library is a fine-free library. The information below applies only to materials owned by North Scituate Public Library. Other libraries, both within and outside the Ocean State Libraries network, may have different loan rules, renewal options and fines. 


Material Borrowing Information 

Material Borrowing period Renewals 
Books – adult, children, teen 3 weeks 2   
Audiobooks – adult, children, teen 3 weeks  
DVDs & BluRays – movies, adult, children, teen 1 week  
DVDs & BluRays – series 3 weeks 2 
Magazines 1 week 2 
Music CDs 3 weeks 2 
Kits 3 weeks none 
Cake pans & chocolate molds 3 weeks None 
E-books, digital audiobooks, streaming video Varies None 


Eligible items will renew twice automatically, providing no one is waiting for the item in an on-hold status and the patron does not have materials billed or 14 days or more overdue. Materials can also be renewed in person or by phone during library business hours, or by logging in to your account. 


If a patron wishes to borrow an item that is not available at NSPL, a hold may be placed on the item, to be borrowed from another Ocean State Libraries (OSL) library. If the item is not owned by any OSL library, an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request may be made. Please see the ILL policy for more information. 


OSL provides a notification service for held items, overdue materials, and other service-specific reasons. Notices are available via telephone or email. Cardholders must select a notice preference and provide a valid telephone number or email address on their account. Borrowers may also elect to receive SMS text alerts on their mobile phone (this is in addition to the method by which notices are sent which is chosen at the time of application). 


Most NSPL materials may be returned to any RI public library. Exceptions include kits, cake pans, candy molds and breakable items. These materials will be tagged with a message to return to the desk at NSPL, not the book drop or another library. 

Damaged Materials 

North Scituate Public Library strives to provide a collection of materials in good condition for our patrons. Because of these standards, we may need to charge patrons our full replacement cost if materials are returned in poor or unusable condition. This may include: 

  • Missing pages or covers; torn, cut or chewed 
  • Attempts to repair materials by patrons, including use of tape or glue 
  • Food or drink stains or particles 
  • Water damage or mold formation 
  • Marked with pencil, ink, crayon, marker or highlighter 
  • Discs with deep scratches, scrapes or cracks 
  • Any material deemed no longer usable by the staff or Director, due to patron neglect of the item 

If material needs to be replaced, the patron may be charged for the full replacement cost. The library does accept exact replacement copies of the material, providing they are in brand new or excellent condition. 


Approved by the North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees March 12, 2002, rev. Oct. 19, 2004, rev. June 13, 2006, rev. April 10, 2007, rev. June 8, 2010, rev. June 12, 2012, rev. March 12, 2024 

The North Scituate Public Library (NSPL) is a member of Ocean State Libraries (OSL), a consortium of public libraries in Rhode Island that are linked through a statewide communications network. Any person who lives in, attends school in, or pays property tax in Rhode Island is eligible to receive an OSL library card. Library cards issued at NSPL are free of charge and are valid at all other OSL member libraries in Rhode Island.

Library Cards

To obtain an OSL library card, a photo ID with a current address must be presented; a Rhode Island driver’s license or a student ID is preferred. Application may also be made online, providing the necessary identification is uploaded for library review.

Young Adult Borrowers

Students ages 13 to 17 may provide proof of their enrollment in a public or private school in Rhode Island (class schedule, transcript, report card, etc.) in lieu of a photo ID if they do not otherwise have one. Proof of home address must still be provided if not stated on school enrollment documents.

Juvenile Borrowers

Children aged 0-12 must have their application signed by a parent or guardian*, who may provide the above identification/address validation on their child’s behalf. Both the parent or guardian and the child should be present to apply for a library card. *The parent/guardian is responsible for the lost or damaged materials borrowed by their child.

Card Expiration

NSPL library cards expire every 3 years in order to maintain correct contact information with our patrons. This information may be verified in person at any public library in RI. However, the OSL system automatically deletes patron information after three years of non-use.

Patron Rights and Responsibilities

The cardholder has the right to use all the public-access materials and services of the OSL member libraries. All cardholders are expected to return the materials promptly and in good condition. The library should be notified if there is a change of cardholder name, address, telephone number or email address.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges are suspended if library materials are not returned or charges are not paid. Restricted patrons are still welcome to use the resources and services the Library has to offer.


Approved by North Scituate Library Board of Trustees, March 12, 2024


In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to library use and to ensure the safety of library patrons and staff, we ask that all patrons abide by these guidelines, as well as all state and local laws, while in the library and on library premises.

This list of guidelines is by no means exhaustive or all-inclusive and may be amended at any time. Patrons violating any one or more of these guidelines will be asked to cease and desist from engaging in such violations and may be asked to leave the premises and/or be barred from the North Scituate Public Library.



  • Proper dress is required (shoes and shirts are required)
  • Eating and drinking from uncovered containers inside the library is prohibited
  • Use of personal electronic devices must not interfere with other library patrons or staff
  • Sustained conversation above acceptable noise levels is prohibited
  • Using profane or obscene language or gestures on library property is prohibited
  • Any form of harassment of library staff or patrons is prohibited. Harassment includes, without limitation, physical, verbal, visual harassment or innuendo
  • Disrupting or interfering with the use of the library by other patrons is prohibited
  • Physically assaulting library staff or patrons is prohibited
  • Using tobacco or vapor products inside the library is prohibited
  • Using, selling or trading alcohol and illegal substances or possessing the same for purposes of using, selling or trading on library property is prohibited
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on library property is prohibited
  • Carrying, possessing or displaying weapons is prohibited with the exception of police officers carrying service weapons
  • Entering into non-public areas of the library or using library equipment or facilities without authorization is prohibited
  • Soliciting patrons and library personnel is prohibited
  • The use of skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, scooters and bicycles is prohibited inside the library
  • Stealing, abusing, defacing or destroying any library property is prohibited
  • Parents or legal guardians are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their children in the library and on library property


Approved by the North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees Oct. 16, 2001, rev. July 11, 2023


The North Scituate Public Library (the “Library”) recognizes that within the Scituate community there are groups and individuals with diverse interests, backgrounds and needs.  The Library further recognizes and emphasizes that the public library is an institution of a democratic society and was established to serve all of the people in a community.

Electronic information and networking is a rapidly developing area of public and private activity.  The Library recognizes that these developments pose new challenges as well as new opportunities for the Library Board, the Library staff, and Library users and their families.  The Library believes that these challenges and opportunities are best addressed by adherence to the fundamental principles of traditional library use and the principles of a free society.

Responsibilities of the Library:

Congress and the courts have recognized that there is no single organization to govern, control, or select information for the Internet.  Because of this freedom of information, the breadth of information on the Internet, the unstructured and unregulated nature of the Internet, and the unreliable state of filtering, the North Scituate Public Library cannot control the content of resources available on the Internet.


The Library does not select the material on the Internet, and has no means or statutory authority to assure that only constitutionally protected material is available on the Internet.

The Library adheres to the American Library Association’s stance regarding access to electronic information, services and networks: “Electronic information, services and networks provided directly or indirectly by the library should be equally, readily and equitably accessible to all library users . . . Some information accessed electronically may not meet a library’s selection or collection development policy.  It is, therefore, left to each user to determine what is appropriate.  Parents and legal guardians who are concerned about their children’s use of electronic resources should provide guidance to their own children . . . Libraries and librarians should provide access to information presenting all points of view.  The provision of access does not imply sponsorship or endorsement.” (Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks: an Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights, 1996).

The Library’s Internet Use Agreement further provides that:

  • Users may not make any changes in the set-up or configuration of the Library’s computer system hardware or software.
  • Users may not modify or gain access to the Library’s computer system files, passwords or data.
  • Users may not seek unauthorized access to any computer system or network.
  • Users may not use personal software on the Library’s computers.
  • Most library computers are available to users in half-hour blocks of time, which allow unlimited half hour time renewals unless there is a waiting list for the computers.
  • Internet Express computers are limited to 10 minutes per person, and may not be reserved.
  • Computers designated as Library Catalogs are to be used for no other purpose, and may not be reserved.
  • Computers located in the reference area are to be used for office functions or research only.
  • No more than two people shall be allowed at any given computer at a time.
    • Users may print materials at a cost to the user to be posted in the library.
    • Users may download information off of the Internet or save work onto portable storage devices.
    • Misuse or abuse of computer or Internet access may result in the loss of a patron’s computer use privileges at the Library and/or the imposition of damage charges if applicable.
    • Library patrons owing $5.00 or more in fines and fees will not be allowed access to library computers.


The North Scituate Public Library upholds the right of confidentiality and privacy for all Library users.  In order to protect the privacy of the user and the interests of other library patrons, the Library will manage access to the Internet by judicious placement of the terminals, and other appropriate means as determined by the Library staff and Board of Trustees.

Users are urged to respect the sensibilities of others when accessing information that may reasonably be offensive to someone else.  However, absolute privacy for patrons using electronic resources in the Library cannot be guaranteed.  There exists a possibility of inadvertent viewing by other patrons, either by watching the user’s screen, or because a user may leave the screen unattended.

Responsibilities of Users:

The Internet is a global entity with a highly diverse user population and information content.  Although the Internet provides users with a wide array of excellent information, it also contains information that may be inaccurate, outdated, or personally offensive.  Library patrons use it at their own risk.  A good information consumer evaluates the validity of information found.  Use of Internet resources carries with it a responsibility to evaluate the quality of the information accessed.

The availability of information does not constitute endorsement of the content by the North Scituate Public Library.

Access, use, or dissemination of information via the Internet in the Library is the responsibility of the user.  In the case of minors, it is a joint responsibility of the user and the parent or guardian.

Supervising Children’s Use:

The public library, unlike schools, does not serve in loco parentis (in place of a parent). Librarians cannot act in the place of parents in providing constant care and supervision of children as they explore the Internet.  The responsibility for what minors read or view on the Internet rests with parents or guardians.

The following are recommended guidelines for parents and guardians to ensure that children have positive online experiences, whether at home or in the Library.

  • Use the Internet as a family.  Join your children in Internet exploration.
  • Explore the wide range of available information and tell your children about sites you consider inappropriate for them.
  • Counsel children to avoid sites you consider unsuitable.
  • Provide guidelines for your children on the amount of time they spend online, just as for television viewing.
  • Instruct children NEVER to give out personal information (name, address, password, telephone number, credit card number, etc.) online.
  • Teach children to be good online consumers.  As with print information, consider the source, date, and accuracy of online information.

As it does with other library resources, the Library will provide training on electronic resources.  It will also make information available to help parents and guardians in their efforts to exercise their rights and responsibilities regarding their own children’s use of electronic resources.

Approved by the North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees 9/11/02, revised and approved 10/2003, revised and approved 5/2004 for implementation as of 7/1/2004, revised and approved 6/9/2009.


The Board of the North Scituate Public Library Association and its staff solicit current and deferred gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations to secure the future growth and missions of the Library. These policies and guidelines govern the acceptance of gifts by the Library and provide guidance to prospective donors and their advisors when making gifts to the Library. The provisions of these policies shall apply to all gifts received by the Library for any of its programs or services.

Restrictions on Gifts:

The Library will accept unrestricted gifts, and gifts for specific programs and purposes, provided that such gifts are not inconsistent with its stated mission, purpose and priorities. The Library will not accept gifts that are too restrictive in purpose. Gifts that are too restrictive are those that violate the terms of the corporate charter, gifts that are too difficult to administer, or gifts that are for purposes outside the mission of the Library. All final decisions on the restrictive nature of a gift, and its acceptance or refusal, shall be made by the Library Board.

Acceptable Gifts:

The following gifts are acceptable with the following criteria governing the acceptance of each gift:

1. Cash: Cash is acceptable in any form. Checks shall be payable to the North Scituate Public Library Association and shall be delivered to the Library.

2. Tangible Personal Property: All other gifts of tangible personal property shall fulfill the mission of the Library; shall be marketable; and shall have no undue restrictions on the use, display or sale thereof.

3. Securities: The Library can accept publicly traded securities. Marketable securities may be transferred to an account maintained at one or more brokerage firms or delivered physically with the transferor’s signature or stock power attached. As a general rule, all marketable securities shall be sold upon receipt. In some cases marketable securities may be restricted by applicable securities laws; in such instances, the final determination on the acceptance of the restricted securities shall be made by the Library Board.

4. Real Estate: Gifts of real estate may include developed property, undeveloped property, or gifts subject to a prior life interest. The gift shall be approved by the Library Board and by the Library’s legal counsel. The property shall be useful for the purposes of the Library and shall be marketable.

Prior to the acceptance of real estate, there shall be determined any restrictions, reservations, easements, or other limitations associated with the property.

Prior to the acceptance of real estate, the Library shall require an initial environmental review of the property to ensure that the property has no environmental damage. The cost of the environmental audit shall generally be an expense of the donor.

When appropriate, a title binder shall be obtained by the Library prior to the acceptance of the real property gift. The cost of this title binder shall generally be an expense of the donor.

5. Remainder Interests in Property: The Library may accept a remainder interest in a personal residence, farm, or vacation property subject to the provisions of paragraph 4. The donor or other occupants may continue to occupy the real property for the duration of the stated life. At the death of the donor, the Library may use the property or reduce it to cash. Where the Library receives a gift of a remainder interest, expenses for maintenance, real estate taxes, and any property indebtedness are to be paid by the donor or primary beneficiary.

6. Charitable Remainder Trusts: The Library may accept designation as remainder beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust with the approval of the Library Board. The Library will not accept appointment as a Trustee of a charitable remainder trust.

7. Charitable Lead Trust: The Library may accept a designation as income beneficiary of a charitable lead trust with the approval of the Library Board. The Library will not accept appointment as a Trustee of a charitable lead trust.

8. Retirement Plan Beneficiary: The Library may accept as designation as beneficiary of a retirement plan.

9. Bequests: The Library may accept bequests under wills and trusts with the approval of the Library Board.

10. Life Insurance Beneficiary: The Library may accept designation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Miscellaneous Provisions:

Securing appraisals and legal fees for gifts to the Library: It will be the responsibility of the donor to secure an appraisal and independent legal counsel for all gifts made to the Library.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on 5/13/08

The North Scituate Public Library adheres to the American Library Association’s statement titled Libraries:  An American Value:

Libraries: An American Value

Libraries in America are cornerstones of the communities they serve. Free access to the books, ideas, resources and information in America’s libraries is imperative for education, employment, enjoyment, and self-government.

Libraries are a legacy to each generation, offering the heritage of the past and the promise of the future.  To ensure that libraries flourish and have the freedom to promote and protect the public good in the 21st century, we believe certain principles must be guaranteed.

To that end, we affirm this contract with the people we serve:

We defend the constitutional rights of all individuals, including children and teenagers, to use the library’s resources and services;

We value our nations diversity and strive to reflect that diversity by providing a full spectrum of resources and services to the communities we serve;

We affirm the responsibility and the right of all parents and guardians to guide their own children’s use of the library and its resources and services;

We connect people and ideas by helping each person select and effectively use the library’s resources;

We protect each individual’s privacy and confidentiality in the use of library resources and services;

We protect the rights of individuals to express their opinions about library resources and services;

We celebrate and preserve our democratic society by making available the widest possible range of viewpoints, opinions and ideas, so that all individuals have the opportunity to become lifelong learners-informed, literate, educated, and culturally enriched.

Change is constant; but these principles transcend change and endure in a dynamic, technological, social and political environment.

By embracing these principles, libraries in the United States can contribute to a future that values and protects freedom of speech, in a world that celebrates both our similarities and our differences, respects individuals and their beliefs, and holds all persons truly equal and free.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 12/11/2001

Interlibrary loan is the process by which a library requests material from, or supplies material to, another library for use by one of its patrons. This process allows patrons to access many more items than are owned by their single home library.

The North Scituate Public Library is a member of the Ocean State Libraries consortium and adheres to the standards and policies set forth by the Library of Rhode Island. Therefore, patrons are able to request materials from all LORI member libraries in the state, and from outside Rhode Island via a state clearinghouse maintained by LORI.

Library patrons in good standing – with no fines or blocks as per OSL policy – may request interlibrary loans. Library staff will attempt to locate and borrow the requested materials. An owning library occasionally imposes a fee for the loan or for the photocopying of an article. If there is an associated charge, the patron will be notified before any material is requested on their behalf. In such cases, the fee would be passed along to the patron making the request. If a patron incurs overdue fines from the owning library or the borrowed material is damaged and a replacement fee is charged, those costs will be the responsibility of the patron. The Library does not charge patrons for the shipping costs associated with interlibrary loans.

The North Scituate Public Library will lend via ILL all regular circulating materials. Materials not available via ILL include archival items, special collections, reference materials, e-readers and tablets and those items which do not typically circulate. All fines associated with owned materials will follow those items through their circulation.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 3/8/16.


The purpose of this document is to specify the policies and guidelines that provide for the prudent and productive investment of the funds of the North Scituate Public Library Association.

Investment Objectives:

The primary objectives of the Library’s financial investments are (in priority order):

Preservation of Capital: The preservation of capital is the foremost objective of the investment program. At no time should the safety of the portfolio’s principal investment be impaired or jeopardized. All investments shall be undertaken in a manner that first seeks to preserve capital and secondly attempts to fulfill other investment objectives.

Liquidity: The Library’s investment portfolio is to remain sufficiently liquid to enable the Library to meet those operating requirements that might be reasonably anticipated.

Return on Investments (Yield): The Library’s investments should generate the highest available return without sacrificing the first two objectives.

Investment Guidelines:

The following investments are deemed to be suitable for inclusion in the Library’s investment program. The Treasurer following the decisions of the Library Board is authorized to invest library funds only in those investments specifically delineated below:

US Government and agency securities for which the full faith and credit of the United States Government is pledged for the repayment of principal and interest; including, but not limited to, US Treasury notes, bills and bonds, and federal agency securities.

Obligations of any state of the United States or of any political subdivision, authority or agency of any state of the United States. At the time of the investment these securities must be rated single A or better by at least one nationally recognized rating service, i.e. Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s.

Certificates of deposit, demand deposits, time deposits, share accounts, term share accounts and share certificate accounts in a nationally or state chartered bank or credit union properly insured through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Aggregate deposits in any one depository shall not exceed the FDIC or NCUA limit.

Prudent Investment Policy:

Investments shall be made with judgment and care, under circumstances then prevailing, which persons of prudence, discretion and intelligence might exercise in the management of their own affairs.

Ethics and Conflicts of Interest:

Those involved in the investment process shall refrain from personal business activity that could conflict with the proper execution and management of the Library investment program, or that could impair their ability to make impartial decisions.

Investment Advisors, Qualified Brokers and Dealers and Financial Institutions:

All brokers, dealers and other financial institutions that transact investment business with the North Scituate Public Library Association or give advice regarding its investments, must receive, read and comprehend the policy and agree to comply with it before providing any services or transacting any business with the Library. This is to be evidenced by a signed statement of receipt of the policy by those identified above.


The Treasurer shall provide the Library Board with biannual reports, in January and July, which clearly provide the following information regarding the investment portfolio:

Types of investments;

Depository institutions;

Principal balances;

Rates of return;

Income earned;


At the time of reporting, a Library Board vote will be used to determine the investment strategy.


Approved by the North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees May 13, 2008, rev. Aug. 8, 2023

I, _________________________­­_______________________


Library card #_________________________

Phone #_____________________________


am borrowing a Dell laptop with a power cord, belonging to North Scituate Public Library and will return both on Date: _________________________

in good condition.  I understand I will be responsible for a replacement cost of $800 if the laptop is damaged or destroyed and/or $50 if the power cord is damaged or destroyed.


Patron signature: _________________________________­__


Staff signature: _____________________________________


Check out date & time: ___________________________________

Return date & time: ______________________________________


Approved by Director:  _____________________________


Approved by the North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees August 8, 2023

The North Scituate Public Library is not responsible for the security of personal items brought into the building or onto the property. The Library is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles, bicycles or personal property while on the premises. Unclaimed items are managed in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • If the owner of a lost and found item satisfactorily identifies the lost item, the item will be returned.
  • Perishable items such as food, baby bottles, beverage containers and personal care items will be disposed of immediately.
  • Lost and Found items will be dated and stored for a period of 30 days. Reasonable attempts will be made to contact the owners (to the extent ownership is known) to reclaim their lost items. Items not claimed within 30 days become Library property. Unclaimed items will then be donated to charity or discarded.
  • Certain types of property including unclaimed identification documents, driver’s licenses, credit cards, wallets, laptops and cell phones may be forwarded to the Scituate Police.
  • Flash drives and other data storage devices left in the library will be held for 30 days. Due to patron privacy, library staff will not access data saved on flash drives to determine ownership. After 30 days, storage devices will be wiped and discarded.
  • Documents left in library copy machines and printers will be kept for 7 days then shredded.
  • After 30 days, any unclaimed personal copies of books, movies and audios will be added as donations to the Library’s annual book sale.


Approved by the North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees July 11, 2023

The North Scituate Public Library has limited capacity to accept donations. We will only accept donations of materials in good condition. Library staff reserve the right to refuse any donation that violates these guidelines.

All donations become the property of the Library and cannot be returned. Donations may be added or removed from our collection following the criteria of the Library Collection Development policy; sold for the benefit of the Library; or disposed of in a manner appropriate to their condition and usefulness.

We will accept the following materials in good condition only:

  • Books – hardcover, softcover and mass market paperback
  • Music CDs in original cases
  • DVDs in original cases
  • Audiobooks in original packaging
  • Computer games in original packaging
  • Magazines in limited quantities
  • Vinyl record albums
  • Puzzles, games and toys

We will not accept the following:

  • Any materials that have bugs, mold, odors, or stains
  • Encyclopedias
  • Cassettes (VHS, audio) of any kind
  • Computers, eReaders and other electronic items

Receipts may be provided for tax purposes; however, federal regulations prohibit the Library from giving estimates of value for donated materials.

The Library cannot pick up donations. Donations are accepted at the Library during normal business hours. Do not leave donations in the book or A/V drop.


Approved by the North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees August 8, 2023

Purpose and Scope of the Collection

The purpose of a public library in a democratic society is to encourage freedom of thought through open access to information and ideas.  The library serves a diverse community and it must include materials that represent as broad a range of viewpoints as is possible.  With this in mind, the library will acquire books, periodicals, audio visual materials, and computer software for the intellectual enlightenment, cultural development, and recreation of our users.

Selection Criteria:

The librarian has sole responsibility for collection development.  Materials selection will be based on standard library reviewing sources such as Booklist, Library Journal, and  other professional publications.  Our basic tendency is always toward inclusion rather than exclusion; items will not be rejected for racial, political, religious, or moral reasons.  Patron requests will also guide our selections.  Also, gifts to the library  of books and videotapes will be considered for inclusion in the collection based on their condition, popularity, and relevance.

Intellectual Freedom

Since public libraries do not promote or endorse any particular set of beliefs, viewpoints, or lifestyles, the North Scituate Public Library has adopted the standards as set forth in the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement as proposed by the American Library Association.  All library materials will be made available for individuals to freely examine in order to make their own decisions.

Complaints About Inclusion/Exclusion

Occasionally an individual or group may object to materials in the collection.  The procedure for handling such a complaint is outlined in the Intellectual Freedom Handbook (published by the Rhode Island Library Association) which suggests that the complainant be asked to fill out a form detailing his/her objection (form can be found below).  A similar procedure will be followed for a complaint about the exclusion of materials.

Meeting Room Policy

A meeting room is available in the North Scituate Public Library (NSPL) primarily to support library programs and functions which further the goals of the library. When not being used by the library, the room is available to government and established not-for-profit groups based in Scituate, Rhode Island. The library does not limit use of the meeting room based on the subject matter or content of the meeting or on the beliefs or affiliations of the meeting’s sponsors.

Except for library and library-related programs, groups may not use the meeting room more than once each month; limited series of daily or weekly meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the library director. The meeting room may be reserved up to 90 days in advance. Fees, rules, and procedures for use of the meeting room are established by the NSPL Board of Trustees and are reviewed annually. A copy of rules and procedures will be provided with the application for meeting room use.

Use of the meeting room does not imply endorsement, support, or co-sponsorship by NSPL of the activities that take place in the meeting room or the beliefs of the group using the meeting room. Groups or individuals using the meeting room may not imply that the event or program is sponsored, co-sponsored, or endorsed by the library in any advertising or publicity.

No selling, solicitation, or taking of orders may occur without written permission from the library director. No admission may be charged for programs held in the meeting room. The library reserves the right to conduct sales or charge admission to library programs.

The Library is not responsible for any accident, injury, loss or damage to any person and/or property of any individuals or organizations using the facility.

A library staff member may be present at any time during any meeting.

Groups failing to comply with any part of this policy or the established procedures will be denied further use of the meeting room.

Approved by the NSPL Board of Trustees on 6/14/2011

The Library provides a personal amplifier as a service to hearing impaired patrons.  This device may only be used by a patron to assist with hearing during an open meeting or a library program.  The device may also be used to assist patrons trying to communicate with library staff for library related business only (i.e. reference interview, circulation requests, etc.).

If a patron wishes to use the Library’s personal amplifier away from the circulation desk, they must leave their library card, driver’s license or other form of identification.  After the meeting or program is over, the device and all accessories must be returned to library staff immediately.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 9/8/2009

The North Scituate Public Library maintains a portable projector and portable projector screen for loaning to patrons. Requests for both items can be made with the staff and approval will typically come from either the Reference Librarian or Director. Library events and programs requiring the use of one or either item will always take precedence, making the items unavailable for borrowing at times.


Upon borrowing either the projector or screen, an agreement form must be signed. The patron signing the agreement acknowledges the responsibility of keeping the items in good condition, and that failure to do so will result in being charged the replacement cost, up to the amount stated on each form.


Approved by North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees, March 12, 2024

North Scituate Public Library, 606 West Greenville Road, North Scituate, RI 02857  401-647-5133


I, _________________________­­_____________________(name)


License #________________________


Phone #_________________________


am borrowing the Epson LCD projector model: EX5250, serial # WFA7200670 belonging to North Scituate Public Library and will return this projector

on _______________(date)

between the hours of: ___________________in good condition.

I understand I am responsible for the full replacement cost of up to $750 if the projector is damaged or destroyed.


Patron signature: _________________________________­_____


Staff signature: ________________________________________


Check out date & time:___________________________________


Return date & time:______________________________________


Approved by Director:  ___________________________________


Approved by North Scituate Library Board of Trustees, March 12, 2024

North Scituate Public Library, 606 West Greenville Road, North Scituate, RI 02857  401-647-5133


I, _________________________­­_____________________(name)


License #________________________


Phone #_________________________


am borrowing the Da-Lite Versatol portable projector screen belonging to North Scituate Public Library and will return this screen on _________________(date)

between the hours of: ___________________in good condition.

I understand I am responsible for the full replacement cost of up to $250 if the screen is damaged or destroyed.


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Check out date & time:___________________________________


Return date & time:______________________________________


Approved by Director:  ___________________________________


Approved by North Scituate Library Board of Trustees, March 12, 2024

North Scituate Public Library

606 W Greenville Road

North Scituate, RI 02857


Please complete this form in its entirety and return it to a Library staff member or mail it to the Library, per instructions at the end of this form. Incomplete forms will not be considered.


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Have you read the North Scituate Public Library’s Collection Development Policy?

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  1. Resource on which you are commenting:

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  1. Is the title part of a series? Yes ____          No ____


  1. What brought this resource to your attention?


  1. Have you examined the entire resource? If not, what sections did you review?


  1. What are your concerns? Please be specific: cite pages, excerpts or scenes whenever possible.


  1. What action are you requesting be considered?











Thank you for your comments. The Library Director will contact you within 14 business days regarding your concerns.

This form should be completed in its entirety and mailed to: North Scituate Public Library, 606 W Greenville Road, North Scituate RI 02857 Attn: Library Director

A copy of the request form without identifying patron information will be sent to the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom and the Rhode Island Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee, and may be publicly available.


Approved by the North Scituate Public Library Board of Trustees May 9, 2006, rev. July 11, 2023

The North Scituate Public Library collects

  • items relevant to the history of Scituate and its surrounding area (includes Foster and Providence)
  • items relevant to the history of Rhode Island and its surrounding area (includes CT, MA)
  • items relevant to the history of New England

The collection includes books, maps, photos, photocopies, cassettes, scrapbooks, CD-ROMs and Internet resources. Books include tax records, yearbooks, family histories, military rolls, passenger lists and census material. CD-ROMs include, military rolls, passenger lists, genealogies and census material.

Related Items and Resources

New England Historic Genealogical Society’s (NEHGS) web site
North Scituate Public Library’s web site links to Genealogy and Scituate History
Scituate History Database
Genealogy Collection

Use Policy


Registration: Patrons must register at the reference desk in order to use the Local History Collection. Because the collection contains some fragile and unique items, users must be at least 18 years old to register. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who is registered and will be responsible for any items used. A staff member will retrieve the requested item(s) for use in a supervised area.

Photocopying is allowed, as long as it will not damage the item, and should be done by library staff only. Exceptions will be made if the patron is given permission by the librarian. Copyright is the responsibility of the patron. Library staff will determine whether or not an item may be photocopied.

Locating Items: Materials in locked cabinets and closed stacks are not available for browsing. To make the best use of our collection, ask our reference staff to help you with your search. All books in the collection are cataloged and can be found by searching the library catalog (CLAN system). Items such as maps and photos can be looked up in our Scituate History Database, which is linked on our web site. When searching, patrons should be aware that there are copies of many local history books in our circulating collection and they may find the information they are looking for there.

Retrieving Items: Our collection is available during regular library hours. However, we recommend calling ahead to arrange a time when a reference librarian is available. Although other staff members can retrieve items, a reference librarian will be better able to direct your research. Call for reference staff hours or call to make an appointment.

Food and Drink are not allowed in any area where the collections are stored or used.



In order to use the collection, each patron must be registered.
Patrons may register at the Reference Desk or, if the reference librarian is not available, at the Circulation Desk.

At the time of registration, patrons must provide the following information: name, address, phone number, signature and a form of photo identification, such as a valid driver’s license or passport. If a library card is used, the library card number will be kept on file. If a license, passport or other form of ID is used, this should be noted along with the license number, passport number or equivalent.

Patron information will be collected in a sign-in book. Information should include what is required for registration, the date of registration, items used and each time a patron uses the collection.

Once patrons are registered, they must sign in and show identification before using the collection. They may sign in at the Reference Desk or, if the reference librarian is not available, at the Circulation Desk.

If a patron wishes to use the collection but his registration date is a year or more old, that information should be updated before the patron uses the collection.

Use of materials

Fragile items should be handled by a librarian.
Before allowing patrons to use any materials, make note of any obvious damage.
Returned materials should be returned in the condition they were given.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on November 8, 2005.

The North Scituate Public Library is a public facility that offers services to a wide range of citizens, and children are especially welcome.  The library has a responsibility to provide an environment that is safe and comfortable for every patron who is appropriately using its services and facilities.  Children and young people are expected to adhere to the same standards of patron conduct expected of adults.  Parents, guardians, or assigned chaperones (hereafter called “parent”) are responsible for the behavior of their children while on library property.

Children under the age of eight should never be left unsupervised in any area of the library.  If a parent cannot be located, staff will call the Scituate Police to report an abandoned child.

Older children who are disruptive will be asked to leave the library (see the library’s Behavior Policy).  If the child cannot safely leave the library to return home on his or her own, staff will permit the child to call a parent.  If no parent can be contacted, library staff will either allow the child to remain at the library under close supervision until a parent can be contacted or contact the Scituate Police, depending on the severity of the situation.

It is sometimes necessary for libraries to close due to unusual or emergency situations.  Parents leaving a child unattended should provide the child with a telephone number where they can be reached.  Children who have not been picked up at the library’s usual or emergency closing time will be given the opportunity to call a parent.  Children who have not been picked up within fifteen minutes after closing will be left in the care of the Scituate Police.  Under no circumstances will staff transport children in a vehicle or accompany them home.

Approved by the Board of Trustees 10/16/2001.