Session 1

Preschool Story Hour: September 20th – October 25th
Baby Time: September 21st – October 26th
Toddler Time: September 22nd – October 27th

Session 2

Preschool Story Hour: November 8th– December 13th
Baby Time: November 9th – December 14th
Toddler Time: November 10th – December 15th

Story times help children build important early skills!

A little something about our programs:

  • Each meeting we will open with a song, and these same songs are repeated every week. Repetition plays a huge part in early learning
  • I plan each Story Hour/Toddler Time around a theme and I try to add a craft that somehow relates to one of the stories or to the theme in general.

During Story Hour we will…

  • Read 1-3 books
  • Sing/ dance to 1-3 interactive songs
  • Participate in an activity with a felt board/props/puppets
  • At the end of the program we will make a craft or have a fun sensory activity

Story hour will help children build the skills they need to enter into school. Each week we will focus on letter recognition, comprehension, and engage in activities that will help build confidence, independence, social skills, and problem-solving skills.

During Baby Time we will…

  • Read 1 short stories
  • Sing/dance to 1-3 songs
  • Recite 1-4 rhymes/finger plays/movements
  • Participate in an activity with felt board/props/ puppets

*Caregivers and babies will have a chance to socialize and play after the stories and activities.

Baby Time focuses on movement & fine & gross motor skills and vocabulary building

During Toddler Time we will…

  • Read 1-2 short stories
  • Sing/dance to 1-4 songs
  • Recite 1-4 rhymes/finger plays
  • Participate in an activity with felt board/props/ puppets
  • Make a simple craft at the end or have a fun sensory activity

Toddler time focuses on movement, identification, & fine motor skills