Review of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Review by Kylin M.

A classic story written a long, long, time ago. It still captivates thousands of people; myself included. This love story goes through Jane’s point of view, from the age six, all the way to her late twenties, to early thirties. Growing up as an orphan with her heinous Aunt Mrs, Reed, Jane suffers at the hands of her aunt and selfish cousin. However, Jane ends up being sent away to a school. There she soon graduates and is hired as a governess for Mr. Rochester’s illegitimate daughter. As love blossoms between the two, secrets are revealed, and Jane must decide whether to love Mr. Rochester or run away from her feelings, and never look back. This is an amazing love story filled with happiness, betrayal, and an ending that I loved. Of the 50 plus books that I have read this year, I found Jane to be the most relatable character that I have ever come across. I must say that I was completely immersed in the trials and tribulations of this character. This is one of the best books of all time, I loved the way Charlotte Bronte wrote it from Jane’s point of view, it was like a diary, or a biography of her life written by her.

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