Storms and mood trackers

An interesting week! We are open again!! Things are different. We don’t have chairs for patrons, and we have nice new plexiglass screens at the desks, but it is nice to have people walking around again. (It would be really awesome if you would ALL wear your masks, though. And over your nose, not just your mouth.)

How did the storm treat you all? I hope if your power isn’t back, it’s restored soon 😊

Something that I have started this week is tracking my mood, symptoms, and meds in an app called Bearable. I know I am way behind on this trend. Is anyone reading this a fan of apps like that, or maybe tracking it in your journal? So far I have learned that I have a lot fewer aches and pains if I don’t have to work, and my mood is better when I don’t argue with my partner… strange and unexpected… (/sarcasm).

Despite the obviousness of some of the things it analyzes, I really like doing it. Taking time 2-3 times a day to figure out where I’m at physically and mentally feels like a really good exercise, rather than just plowing along.

Coming up next: I’m about to go pull the summer reading winners. Get excited!

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